Club Commitees

Annual Dinner

Dennis Grim | Business to Business Communications | | CHAIR
The Annual Dinner committee is responsible for our largest event of the year, which historically is held in the 3rd week in May, National Transportation Week. The dinner is also accompanied by a sponsorship golf outing the day before. The annual dinner team begins putting this event together months in advance and works closely with the Club director to ensure continuity. The committee plans every detail of the event including the venue and keynote speaker.

Committee Members:
Paul Deasy, Chicago Freight Car Leasing
Gabriel Forir, A&R Logistics
Jim Keuck, Keuck Consulting
Erica Matias-Goodman, USG
Jason Olinger, YRC Freight
Tom Tisa, CN


Jason Olinger | YRC Freight | 913-991-3165 | | CHAIR
The Education Committee is responsible for producing the Executive Series Educational Events. These events now consist of four Executive Series Luncheons as well as two Executive Series Logistics Mini-Seminars. The Committee strives for geographic outreach by scheduling at least two events in the Loop annually, as well as co-sponsoring a luncheon event every January with the Midwest Association of Rail Shippers. These events are all designed to provide Club members and their guests with unique opportunities to hear insightful commentary from senior industry leaders, as well as recognized industry subject matter experts.

Committee Members:
Denny Grim, Business to Business Communications
Bruce Betts, Unaffiliated
Jeff Clark, Eagle Training Services
Paul Deasy, Chicago Freight Car Leasing
Robert Kostelny, AllGreen Group
Jeff Leppert, Redwood Logistics
Joe Lombardo, Ege Avenue Associates
Erica Matias-Goodman, USG
Richard Roche, Roche International
Tom Tisa, CN


Joshua Chesser | Chicago Freight Car Leasing Co. | | CHAIR
The Networking Committee is responsible for arranging a variety of social and sports related events during the year for the benefit of our members and guests. These events offer the members the opportunity to entertain their customers, while at the same time, allowing them to network with other members and guests in an informal social environment. The committee also assists in promoting membership during these events.

Committee Members:
Jody Chisholm, Hempel (USA), Inc.
Russell Kazmierczak, Clutch Global Logistics, Inc.
Jan Marino, AllTranstek, LLC
Erika Matias-Goodman, USG


Dan Behr | Behr & Associates | 847-951-7245 | | CO-CHAIR
Bruce Betts | 708-856-8880 | | CO-CHAIR

The Finance Committee is responsible for the Club's financial affairs, including management of Club investments, budgeting, monitoring of financial performance, and oversight of the Club's revenues and expenditures. The Finance Committee meets monthly, and the chair of the Committee participates in the Club's monthly Board meetings as well.

Committee Members:
Tracy Davis, Acme Transportation
Paul Deasy, Chicago Freight Car Leasing
Tim Delany, Dowell Group, LLP
Remy Diebes, REMPREX
Mike Halkitis, RSM US LLP
Todd Kahn, Chicago Freight Car Leasing
Erica Matias-Goodman, USG
James McLaughlin, Merrill Lynch
Bill Thomson, BMO Harris Bank
Tom Tisa, CN
Earl Wacker, AECOM


Ron Mazmanian | Aim Transfer & Storage | 414-762-7769 | | CHAIR
Members of The Traffic Club of Chicago enjoy up to 5 golf outings per year. Each outing offers a chance for our members to network and entertain customers at the area's top courses with raffles, door prizes and cash awards. The golf committee is responsible for course selection, sponsorship development, execution of events and creating a positive and fun atmosphere for our members and their guests.

Committee Members:
John Janczak, MSC
Lynn Musillami, Aim Transfer & Storage


Dave Anderson | CN | 630-845-9681 | | CHAIR
The membership committee strives to broaden the scope of members through the value the Traffic Club provides. With varying membership levels and through promoting the many benefits associated with membership, the committee strives to communicate the value of the club, and to broaden the scope of our members across all aspects of the transportation and logistics industries.

Committee Members:
Mike Faucher, RJW Group
Ken Madejczyk, UPS
Christopher Popjoy, Canadian Pacific Railway
Matthew Zabrin, GCG Financial


Bryan Vaughan | VTG Rail | 312-853-5333 | | CHAIR
The Scholarship Committee is responsible for administering the Club's scholarship program. The Club dedicates its Scholarship Fund to aid and enable the children and grandchildren of its members, who are full time students and are pursuing a degree at an accredited four year college or university. The funding of the program comes from corporate grants; estate giving; and from Club operations thru the year.

Committee Members:
Mathew DiPilato, Schneider
Russell Kazmierczak, Clutch Global Logistics
Jim Keuck, Keuck Consulting
George Macko, SCO-Pro, LLC
Frank Moczulewski, Retired
Patrick Seger, PPG Protective & Marine Coatings


Tom Degnan | 630-215-7928 | | CO-CHAIR
Lynn Musillami | 847-345-8852 | | CO-CHAIR
The Sponsorship Committee was developed to assist in the development and promotion of club sponsorship programs. 

Committee Members:
Tim Cunningham, Hassett Express
Mike Faucher, RJW Trucking
Rimah Ibrahim, Transportation Incorporated
David LaPorte, LaPorte CSA
Rob Liss, Echo Global