Webinar - COVID-19: The New Normal

Jul 16, 2020 at 11:00 AM
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What does it look like for your business and where do we go from here?

These are two of many questions that our industry experts will tackle on the July 16th Webinar presented by the Traffic Club of Chicago in conjunction with the TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association),  and TMSA (the Transportation Marketing and Sales Association).

On the one hand, transportation, logistics and supply chain organizations are considered essential to business. On the other hand, people in that sector have been furloughed and trucks, trains, planes, and ships are being parked or pulled out of service. So, what is going on? Employment is seeing record improvement and the stock market is responding big time.

So, where are we? Where were we and where are we going? How and when do we get back to normal or even a “new normal?” When will buyers and sellers begin to engage again? Will companies that have been impacted negatively reemerge and get back to doing business? Is there any hope? How long will the COVID-19 impact be felt?

It seems that everyone is re-evaluating how they are going about doing their job. If "at home" is the current situation competing with family members (spouse, kids or even grandkids), shared computer time and all the actions and challenges of your "new normal." To say the least, we have a lot to think about.

The goal of this Webinar is to bring members and guests of participating industry organizations up to date considering the coronavirus and the effect it has and has had on our businesses. We will look into the “crystal ball” to better understand what the future might look like. Consider the questions that you might have for this panel and jot them down. Chat with our moderator and panelists. The discussion is open, and you are invited to connect. Join us, won’t you? Register for free today.

Moderator: Bob Voltmann – CEO, TIA

Jim Butts – EVP, EKA (former EVP CH Robinson)
Brian Everett – CEO, TMSA
John Knechtges – VP, First American Equipment Finance
Bob Moran – President, First Logistics
Jason Olinger – YRC Worldwide & President, Traffic Club of Chicago

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