The Scholarship program can be funded in various ways. Some of these include grants from sponsoring corporate members, the TCC Board's funding based on the Club's year-end profitability; as well as petitioning for estate giving. From whatever source, helping to provide the children and grandchildren of Club members with funds to further their higher education are noble acts for which this Club is rightfully proud.

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In memory of George Baima
A cherished friend and colleague, George Baima, passed away on December 6, 2013. Mr. Baima was a member of the Traffic Club of Chicago for over 30 years and served as president in 1995. George was also a member and chair on numerous club committees, including the Scholarship Committee that he so strongly supported.

In lieu of flowers, the Baima family has asked that donations be made to the Traffic Club of Chicago Scholarship Fund. To make a donation, please call the club offices at (630)529-1333 or send an email to

In memory of Tom Mitropoulos
In November of 2015, we lost a long time Traffic Club member and friend, Tom Mitropoulos. Mr. Mitropoulos joined the Traffic Club of Chicago in 1969, and was a very active member until the time of his passing. He held the position of Traffic Club President in 1994. Tom worked for Fairmount Minerals for many years, retiring recently.

Many members of the Club may recall receiving a phone call from Mr. Mitropoulos in past years regarding the Annual Dinner. He had a passion for promoting the event, and making sure the club profited enough to support the Scholarship Fund. Mr. Mitropoulos also served as a member of the Scholarship Committee for many years. To honor Mr. Mitropoulos' commitment to the Scholarship Fund, the Board of Directors created the Tom Mitropoulos Scholarship Award.

In memory of Dan Wallace 
In April of 2020, the Traffic Club of Chicago lost a cherished friend and colleague Dan Wallace. Dan joined TCC in 2017 and shortly after jumped right in to chair the Sponsorship Committee. He was always willing to help in any way he could, and with is efforts TCC was able to raise and distribute $20,000 in scholarships that year. To honor Dan and his committment to TCC and the Scholarship Fund, the Board of Directors created the Dan Wallace Scholarship Award.